Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to Prepare for GK?

Tips and Tricks

Almost all the competitive exams have a General Awareness Section to test a candidate’s knowledge of the world around. This section evaluates the candidate’s interest in Current Affairs and General knowledge. It is considered one of the most difficult section because of no defined “syllabus”. The examiner may ask anything and everything. That is why a lot of candidates fail to score well in this section. However, there are some tested techniques that can help you prepare for GK:

Tip 1: Go Grab that New Paper

Current Affairs are nothing but awareness about what is happening around us. You must keep an eye on all the developments in the India, World at large, Sports, Economy and Entertainment. It is better to read as much as possible. However, keep in mind that you may end up wasting your time if you read useless trivia and gossip. You have to learn to avoid sections that can never be asked in exams.

Tip 2: Watch or Listen to NEWS

You should watch the news every day. You should focus on important events and happening on day to day basis. Something that you must remember: choose your source of news very carefully. We recommend watching BBC, CNN or Headlines Today. Most of the Hindi news channels are a waste of time and do not make you an informative citizen.

Tip 3: Subscribe to a Good Magazine

Educational Magazines can do a lot of good to your preparation. They give you short and crisp information that can be revised easily. We can recommend following magazines. Some of them offer an online version where you can read them for free:

  • The Competition Master
  • Competition Success Review
  • Pratiyogita Darpan

Tip 4: Concentrate on the Important Areas

All the sources above give you a wealth of information, however you need to pick topics to prepare, very carefully. Looking at the pattern of GK section of various test, you can find out that some areas are favorite and will definitely have questions based on them. We can suggest these important topics:

  • Places and Personalities in News
  • Social Development Plans (like NREGA, RTI etc)
  • Important Supreme Court Rulings
  • Awards and Honours
  • Business Mergers and Acquisitions
  • India’s Bilateral Relations and Foreign Policies

Tip 5: Take your own notes

Though is today age of internet and media, it is easy to find ready to use information. We still recommend that you take your own notes, this helps you remember them for a longer time. It is always easier to revise from your own notes than reading through all the printed material

Tip 6: Buy Good Study Material

Lst but not the least. You can buy some Good Study Material that gives you focused information on tips and tricks to clear an exam. We, at GJ Tutorial, cover all the important topics asked in almost all recruitment exams like Bank PO, Bank Clerical, SSC Recruitment etc. The notes have topics related to Maths, Reasoning, English, General