Motivation Quotes

There is no definition of Bad and Good Day..
It all Depends on you & your thought that,
Either you Rule the day or the day Rules you.....

Some people think that Balck color is sentimentaly Bad
They forget to know that, "Every Black Board Makes the Student life Bright.....

Each drop of a Tear is Costly than anything in World..
But, No One knows its value,
until they have it in their own eyes For Someone.

God is an invisible parent And parents are the visible God.
So keep your visible God happy,
automatically the invisible God becomes happy.

A cute luvstory Girl:wat wil u do if i die.
Boy(joking):i'll feel happy. nxt day,
he got a news-d girl died & left a lettr 4him,
i can do anythng 2 mak u happy"

The plus symbol is made with a pair of minus symbols.
All negative things can be shaped as positive.
Just be Positive in ur walk of Life.

If sum1 asks me whom u want 2 b with 4 ur entire life.
I would simply say..
"sum1 who can understand that i m not perfect.""

Make your anger so expensive that no one can afford it..
& make your happiness so cheap that people get it free from you.

Smooth road nvr mk good Driver
Clr sky nvr mk a good Pilots
Prblm free life nvr mks strong Person
So dnt ask life, Why Me ? " Say "Try Me"....."

One of d saddst part of life:
Its tough whn sm1 special starts to ignore u...
its even tougher to pretend dat u dont mind...

Always try and Understand hw beautifully God has added one more day
In your life,
Not because you need it;
But b'coz someone else needs you!

'TIME' is d most rare luxury,
wich cud never b purchased at any cost.
So wen sumone spnds it 4 U,
it defines d depth of care dat they have 4 YoU..

Why do v close our eyes
when we PRAY when we..CRY when we..DREAM when we..HUG
B'coz the most beautiful things in life r not seen but felt by the HEART.

If a drop of water falls in a lake dere is no identity..
Bt If it falls on a leaf of lotus,
It shines like a pearl So chse d best place whr u can shine.


Kill da stress b4 it kills u...
Reach da goal b4 it kicks u...
Help someone b4 someone helps u...
Live life b4 life leaves u...

A Great friendship is based on two main things:
To find out the similarities,
and the second...
To respect the differences.

"If sum1 asks me whom u want 2 b with 4 ur entire life..
I would simply say.."sum1 who can understand that i m not perfect."

Theory of Life:-If u want to enjoy always,
think today is the 1st day..But..
if u want to achive somthing always think today is the last day...!!

The audience sees Joker as a Joker.
But the Joker sees himself as a Performer.
No matter what others think,
it is ur LIFE. Go on with Confidence.

In life sometimes we feel that all doors r now closed for us...
if that happens in our life, remember these words :
"A closed door is not always locked."

Pretty nice thought: " Most of d fights between d friends r not due to problems...
its because one cares too much and other cares more than dat.."

1 tree makes 1 lakh matchsticks
But 1 matchstick can burn 1 lakh trees
So 1 negative thought or doubt can burn thousands of dreams.
So be positive.

All the right things are not possible always.
All the possible things are not right always.
Be true to both ur mind & heart, u'll never go wrong!

An Old Man Sys:"Erasers r made 4 those who make Errors"
A young guy sys:
"Erasrs r made 4 those who r wiling 2 correct dere mistakes"

A Complicated Thought:
The saddest things in life r
to remember d happiest moments
of d past which
seems unlikely 2 happen again in lyf time!

One among Best lines:
"Failure also looks beautiful, when u have a loved one 2 support U.."
"Success also hurts, when U don't have a loved one to wish U.."